Thursday, April 26, 2007

#Neighbours, everybody needs good Neighbours...#

News bulletin: ( The BBC wants to axe ‘Neighbours’ from their schedule! Speaking as a long devoted fan (cried when Dee died, shouted at Karl for cheating on Susan with Issy, and not to mention all those talented stars who launched their careers because of the show), it is wrong to axe the show :’(

Moving it to another channel is just not the same, I used to watch ‘Home & Away’ on ITV but once it moved to FIVE, it somehow just didn’t bode well with me and haven’t watched a single episode since.

Neighbours’ was like my personal alarm clock when I was a student – wake up just in time to sing along to the theme in the afternoon and getting out of bed once its finished! As you may know, I am planning to return to college in September, I was relying on some stability and ‘Neighbours’ was just that!

When Caf was in Australia last year, she visited the Melbourne Museum which was allowed to have the kitchen from 26 Ramsey Street as this particular set was destroyed in a fire in a 1999 storyline. She has kindly allowed me to publish them here, ‘Thank you Caf’ mwah!

Please BBC don’t take away ‘Neighbours’ away from all the students across the land!



At 4:08 pm, Blogger The Pink Hat said...

An update,,2069027,00.htmltoday on the BBC news website:

It might to ITV.


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