Friday, April 27, 2007

Pretty Animal Pictures

Hello again folks. Been very good the past few days and updated the blog – tonight’s’ entry is about the ‘Shell Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ exhibition at the ‘Natural History Museum’ that I visited today/yesterday. I went to the exhibition last year and as it was so good I went again this year, here is a selected few photos that I particularly liked: ‘Human Encounter’ (; ‘Coconut Crab Going Up’ (; ‘Turtle Grooming’ (; and my favourite is the ‘Rival Kings’ (, the photographer, Andy Rouse also did the ‘Surfing Gentoo’ ( in last years’ exhibition, which I also liked very much.

Before arriving at the museum, I had managed to get myself lost in Baker Street as I took the right bus but going in the wrong direction! Hehehe

Luckily I was early so could afford losing half an hour to find the same bus route but going the right direction this time – even got there early! Getting lost once a day is not bad, but I managed to get myself lost behind Leicester Square when I was trying to get home... I blame all those tourists getting in my way and distracting me!

That’s all folks.



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