Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dinner Dates

My new nickname from Trees is ‘Scavenger’! This is because I am always there when there is food! LOL

Went out on Saturday and wasn’t remotely hungry when my dad called me up around 9ish asking me to join them for a late dinner because we had a relative who came to visit us from Spain... the late dinner lasted well past midnight – I was falling asleep as I ate my shish kebab at the Turkish restaurant in Lewisham!

Didn’t manage to go to bed until 4am and had to get up again at 9am to get ready for a long car journey to Leicester to help celebrate Kim’s birthday at a very nice Indian restaurant. It seems I wasn’t the only one who was sleep deprived – Trees and Duong got woken up around 6am by the police as someone reported a disturbance at their place. Duong answered the doors to a male and female police officer who ‘forcibly’ allowed themselves inside and upstairs to check that Trees was ok... Trees answered the bedroom door without her glasses so was squinting and hair all over the place... not a pretty picture! LOL

Back to the main event – Kim’s birthday, again, we had a £10 budget on presents so there were quite a few creative presents...

Ping: a parsley plant in a real egg along with a bottle of self tanning lotion – Kim has the palest leg you have ever seen!
Lin: a chocolate birthday cake and some pretty stationary clips
Trees: face massage kit, face mask and a little USB fan shaped like a computer mouse
Me: a kebab from the infamous kebab shop at the junction of Greenwich/Lewisham/Blackheath/Deptford and an eyebrow kit with stencils!

Had a brilliant night, sat in the restaurant for over 4 hours and didn’t managed to get home until 1:30am... only got a few hours sleep as I didn’t fall into bed until 3am before getting up for work at 7:30.

Turned up at work literally half asleep but thankfully I had plenty of work to do and even managed to stay longer to complete my work and as soon as I got home I slept the sleep of the dead!

Today I was full of energy when I arrived into work and had a productive day which is always good ;)



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