Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Run for love, pride and whatever you fancy!

Cancer Research’ sent me an email today as I participated in their ‘Race for Life’ last year. The email contained a little quiz asking, ‘Who would you race to? Find your celebrity dream date’ ( – I answered the questions and the result is a ‘man who’s nice to his mum and will treat you with respect. A lad who always takes care of you and walks you home after the disco’... the celebrity dream date for me is apparently, Mark Owen! LOL

I was never a ‘Take That’ fan...

Coincidently, I also received an email from ‘209 Events’ because of the Santa race I did in December. Anyway, the email was inviting me to join the ‘Norwich Union City V City 10km run’ ( this sounds like a proper race which would be fun to partake, but it’s about the pride of London! I would love to take part but don’t want to drag the city down, therefore I am declining to join... for all those out there who take pride to be a Londoner, join the race and I will be there to cheer you on at the start line as its only a few minutes drive away! LOL



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