Sunday, May 13, 2007

Birthday, Olympic and Surgery

Tuesday 8th
Went up to Northampton after work to celebrate my granddad’s birthday. Immediate family alone required at least 3 tables (10 to each table and then a small table for the young ones), numerous courses starting with soft crab, lobster and shark fin soup followed by roast duck, pork and various vegetable. Desserts was of course, birthday cake and jelly ;)

Thursday 10th

Took the day off work to attend a volunteer meeting for the 2012 Olympic. I will be attending a course for the next 6 weeks (twice a week) to train me for helping out the Olympics when it arrives. I am looking forward to the training – the main reason could be because, one of the people running the course is rather cute ;)

Friday 11th
Went into hospital to have a bunionectomy (there is a much fancier name but it was too long and I forgot it!)... Felt quite sorry for myself as no one was available to drive me to hospital and had to take a taxi... am I getting the sympathy vote here?! LOL

No, its ok – it’s only a small operation. The operation was so minor that I was awake during all the cutting and sawing of bones... even got bored after only 15 minutes in and was thinking I should have brought my DS Lite into theatre! I was surprised that there was no music playing in theatre – in all the TV shows, the surgeons always had special music playing whilst they were operating. It was so quiet in theatre that I was afraid to fall asleep from boredom and start snoring! Hahaha

Told Trees I was in Ward 16 on the first floor and she mistakenly went to Ward 16 on the ground floor... it was the morgue! Hahaha

I now have a big plaster cast on my left foot – never been in a cast before and the novelties haven’t warned off yet... give me a week before I start getting annoyed with the extra weight.

I love ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (season finale tonight - cried a lot. You can catch the repeat on Saturday night) on FIVE and real life hospital is nothing like it! There was no Dr. McDreamy, there was no major incidents (good job too), no relationship dramas (none that I could see anyway) etc. I did check out their operation schedule board which only contained minor surgery like mine. I was kept waiting around the next day (Saturday 12th) to check out longer than my operation itself – the highlight for the long delay of checking out was the young, blonde, blue eyed doctor (not my usual type at all normally!).

Been home all day yesterday and today recuperating and didn’t even go to the Art Deco Fair up the road as I really need to ‘recover’ before work tomorrow – yes I have to go into work tomorrow bright and early as I need to talk to my manager about changing my work timetable to allow me to fit in my Olympic training course with my cute instructor!



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