Friday, March 02, 2007

#Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday...#

It was so windy today (Thursday) – there was no point in brushing my hair this morning! My hair kept getting plastered on my lips because of the lip gloss too! Anyway, as predicted, I didn’t go bridesmaid dress shopping after my meeting, met up with Shirin and Hiro for a good old chat (Hiro was suppose to be working at the time!) and then we went to KFC for lunch/dinner as Hiro only had an hour lunch break. This was the first time we have visited a fast food place together before... ‘Shirin, are you sure you are a student?’ She was having a hard time figuring out how to order her food! In the end she had the same as Hiro (I suspect she choose that because she had no idea what’s what!)! Hehehe

It is also my baby cousin, Daniel’s first birthday today – ‘Happy Birthday DumDum!’ Chatted to his dad, my uncle, Sanh on MSN and found out DumDum can now walk forward unaided – when I saw him over Chinese New Year he could only walk sideways by holding onto furniture. He is such a smart baby! It’s in the genes ;-)