Saturday, November 25, 2006

Not long to go now!

Another 34 hours before I board my flight for Egypt... got my swimsuit, packed my suitcase and have even managed to catch a cold! Argh!!!

My plan of action is to medicate myself with all the over the counter cold & flu remedies! Luckily the first two days, we will be spending it in Cairo so no water activities. Hopefully by the time we arrive at Sharma el Sheikh my cold will have gone to allow me to do some scuba diving! Yay!


Monday, November 20, 2006

Master Classes

Sorry for the long absence – I was busy tying up lose ends before my holiday next week! Hopefully this time next week, I would have just landed in Egypt and getting settled in to the hotel room. I am going away with my girlfriends for our annually get away – in the past we have been to places both near and far, including Hong Kong (last year), Ibiza (first holiday without parental control!), Ireland, Italy and Prague.

As well as tying up those lose ends, I was busy swimsuit hunting! For all those girls out there, you know how hard it is to find a great swimsuit at the best of times, but with all the shops taking everything summer related back into the stockroom to make room for all the Christmas items, the task has become almost impossible! I have given up in finding one in the shops and ordered a few (one-pieces and tankinis in different sizes and colours!)... Now I am patiently waiting for them to arrive before I fly off! Argh, fingers crossed!

Ok, a couple of weeks back I went to see the original and classic, ‘Italian Job’ on the big screen for the very first time... I probably will get lynched for saying this, but I actually liked the remake more (goes and hide behind a pillow)! Hehehe

Don’t get me wrong, the original was a great movie – maybe it’s because I saw the remake first, or it’s glossier, or even just because the cast were so easy on the eye, especially Charlize Theron, who is gorgeous ;-)

I have liked the new Mini Cooper even before watching either of the ‘Italian Job’ but now I want it even more! Hopefully, by the time I finally get my driving licence they still produce the car! Hahaha

Now for some classical music – my dear friend, Caf (aka Pink Hat) invited me along to her choir, Eclectic Voices ( performance of their Mozart Requiem rendition, conducted by the talented Scott Stroman. I had a wonderful time even though being the novice that I am in classical music, I did not recognise the pieces of music played! LOL

I really needed you Caf by my side explaining all the different pieces as they were being played! I took your advice, and waited until Scott raised his arms up high to signal the end of a long piece of music before I began my applause with enthusiasm! It would have been very embarrassing if I started to clap in all the wrong places! Hahaha


Monday, November 06, 2006

Lighting up the night skies ;-)

The firework displays on Blackheath were brilliant. Most of the main roads were cordoned off which was great as there were many people just standing around the fields waving sparklers. I was prepared and brought some sparklers myself at the local shop. I did have a bit of a problem lighting the sparklers though... nearly set my own gloves on fire as the stubborn sparklers refused to light up until you hold the flame under it for a good 10 seconds which is not an easy feat as we were out in the open field without any building to block any sudden gust of winds!

I had a great time nevertheless. Ate hotdogs with plenty of onions (a bit too undercook for my liking), drank hot (lumpy) chocolates whilst dodging little children! Hehehe

Still not getting used to my short hair yet... each time I put my coat on or whatever I would reach round my neck to ‘free’ my hair but now its not there any more! I might need to dig out my long wig if I miss my hair too much!


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sparklers at the ready!

How was everyone’s Halloween? Anything spooky to share? Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me – not even a trick or treater visited me :-(

The previous 2 years when I completely forgotten about Halloween I had a few trick or treaters and I had no sweets in the place so this year I was prepared and stocked up on a selection... I guess it’s more for me then ;-)

I was watching ‘Ghosts on the Underground’ a few nights ago on Five, and was quite amazed that it never occurred to me that the Underground might be haunted! The show started off with Bank Station, which I have only used a handful of times and have always gotten lost – both above and under ground! LOL

Trees (Terresa, my sister) uses that station on a daily basis for work... well being the horrid sister that I am, I wanted to share my ‘knowledge’ but thought better of it... will save it until she annoys me next time! Hahaha

I went for my first proper job interview yesterday... not sure how it went – to ‘celebrate’ not making a fool of myself, I went and got my hair cut on the way home! I chopped a good 5 inches off, which in retrospect not a wise thing to do as my neck is not protected from the draft anymore :-( LOL

Now for tonight, I am just getting ready to go out to enjoy the fireworks on top of Blackheath village. I haven’t been to a firework display for many years – it has always been cold and wet which is not a good combination especially at night, I don’t know what I might roll over in the dark. The weather forecast has guaranteed a dry night so I am off to enjoy myself! Will give a report on the nights event later...