Friday, September 29, 2006

We have reached our first milestone!

Visited the bank and counted up all the money we managed to raise from both Canary Wharf and Sainsbury today. I managed to raise £106.23 and Shirin raised £98 exactly with a few added Euros, US cents and Nigerian dollars! I was amazed when I was counting all the donations – the tin was very heavy but we both thought most of the donations were small change and it wouldn’t mount to that much. Needless to say we were both pleasantly surprised.

The original £133.18 added to the collection tins amount, we have a grand total of £337.41!!! The blog were created in mind to raise £320 to cover the parachute school’s fees, so the extra £17.41 will be added to my official BHF fundraising page.

We have raised the amount to cover the parachute school but we are still in need of funds for our official BHF fundraising page so our plight does not end here.


Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Thank you J Sainsbury and their customers!

Shirin and I had quite a fruitful time (6 hours) at Sainsbury in Greenwich today. We have managed to come away with 2 heavy money filled collection tins – we met quite a few generous people and one of them even tried to give us money to allow ourselves to buy our own refreshments, but we had to decline his generous offer.

So tonight, we would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Sainsbury for accommodating us today for a very special charitable cause.

Our next fundraising ‘event’ will be next Monday, when we head off to Tottenham Court Road to see our friend, Harriet perform with her band… I haven’t been to an independent gig before so I am not too sure what to expect – might become too involved in the music/atmosphere to actually raise any money! Also, what do one wear?! I sound like such a girl saying that!

Well that’s all for tonight, I am still nursing a cold and today was surprisingly tiring even though all we did was stand around and smiling at all the customers like crazed individuals! LOL


Sunday, September 24, 2006

Special Celebrations Day!

It is a very special day today, it is Shirin’s birthday so happy birthday girl! It is also the start of Ramadan so poor Shirin is fasting for the next month – luckily we managed to catch up on Friday for a pre-birthday celebration and I promise after your fasting (24th October), we will go out and celebrate properly… any excuse for a girly night out ;)

Me on the other hand am struck down with a full-blown cold. That’s what we will talk about today… The great east and west divide of how to nurse a cold – I have always got confused whether its feed a cold or starve it, and it doesn’t help that my appetite increases about ten-folds whenever I get sick! Also in Chinese tradition we are supposed to avoid dairy products, poultry, eggs and oranges! Now the English, you are suppose to stock up on vitamins C and chicken soup. As you can see I am quite mixed up on what I am suppose to eat/drink and what not to. So, I have made myself a very strong ginger and rice wine chicken soup and hope that will do the trick. One thing both traditions have in common is fluid, so I am drowning myself in hot tea with fresh lemons and a big dollop of honey.

You know what?! I really want some chocolates now, especially now that Bromley has opened up a Hotel Chocolat last Thursday! To help take my mind off chocolate and any other ‘forbidden’ food I have been vegging out watching some ‘quality’ telly… first there were T4 with their regular programme like Friends, Smallville and Charmed, and after all those US imports I then induced myself with some British programmes like Casualty (not sure whether if the cold is playing havoc with my immune system but I was crying throughout the episode!) and Jane Eyre. Being a fan of Colin Firth’s, Mr Darcy I hope that Mr Rochester will provide Toby Stephens will gain some level of success like Colin did.


Saturday, September 23, 2006

Apologies, Condolences & Well Wishes

So sorry for not updating the blog. I have been very preoccupied with personal matters, I will try to write more regularly from now on as there is less than a month until the big jump.

This of course goes out to 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irvin’s family and friends. I saw the speech given by Steve’s daughter, and was very touched. She was such a brave little girl.

Well Wishes
To the ‘Hamster’ Richard Hammond. I am in no way knowledgeable about cars but I found ‘Top Gear’ to be a great show. I was very surprised when I heard what had happened to my favourite ‘Top Gear’ presenter. It appears his condition is improving – I really wish him and his family all the best.

I would also like to wish all my family and friends’ good health.

Fundraising updates – Shirin and I will be doing more collection tin rattling this coming Wednesday at the big Sainsbury supermarket in Greenwich… hope the weather holds out for us.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Support British Talent!

Support British Talent and support the British Heart Foundation!

Welcome back Wossy! I was so looking forward to the new series of Jonathan Ross, and tonight’s episode was full of British talents, but why did they have to have those BB contestants on?! No, I shouldn’t be horrible – they might be genuinely nice people…

Julie Walter’s new movie, ‘Driving Lessons’ did not appeal to me at first but I am warming to it – of course being a big ‘Harry Potter’ fan might have something to do with it.

I have never seen an episode of ‘The Office’ or ‘Extras’ but as the gorgeous Orlando Bloom is going to star in an episode I will be making sure I tune in! I think I will put my name down on Amazon for series two of ‘Extras’ just to see all those out takes! God, I am really showing my geeky side here tonight!


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


hurrah hurrah hurrah - i'm unemployed since 4th september!!!! hurrah hurrah hurrah - now there is no reason not to sponsor an unemployed lawyer!!!

done pretty well in Canary Wharf apart from the london underground saying that we need to book a slot for charity work one year in advance... we did pretty well seein that we need the Met Police authority to roam the streets with our lil buckets and the next available slot was 23/10/06.... ahhhh well.... deadline soon approaching - a month from today our sponsorship money needs to be in! ARGH




Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Canary Wharf be warned ;)

I am meeting up with Shirin tomorrow to do our bit of harassing the general public at Canary Wharf with our BHF tins! Shirin has been brilliant, she has contacted the BHF to get our t-shirts, the tins themselves and tens/hundreds of balloons! I have told her I am allergic to the powdery substance in the balloons so I will leave all the hot air blowing to her ;)

There have been so much going on lately which I want to write about but due to my own laziness I am going to just write the bare essentials… first, Ken Livingstone – was watching the news and heard he wanted to ‘control’ all the trains in London, well as my all time favourite board game is Monopoly I had the image of Ken here dressed up like the ‘short, fat guy with the moustache’! Then there is the ‘Crocodile Hunter’, Steve Irwin – I must admit his enthusiasm especially on a boring, cold, wet Sunday afternoon and all you had to choose from was those antique/auction, courtroom dramas, or worse of all… Channel 4 horse racing, Steve was a great pick me up! The old cliché, life is too short, so get your credit cards out and donate your ‘hard earned’ cash to our very good cause!

My chain of thoughts are quite random, so now away from headline hitting news I have a bit of foodie news to chat about – I went shopping with my sisters on Saturday to Lakeside and discovered ‘Hotel Chocolat’ (pronounced ‘ho-tel shok-o-LA’). The chocolates where divine, they wasn’t too sweet and it did not leave a sickly feeling even after eating over 200g in one go! It’s a shame the closes store to where I live is in Lakeside… but they have announced that they will soon be opening one in Bromley! Yippee!

After a ‘stressful’ time at Lakeside I went back to Trees for dinner where she later thought she would poison us dinner guests with her baking… all I got to do (besides from all the washing up!) was decorate one cake with chocolate chips. Can anyone make out what I was trying to do with the chocolate chips there?! Give up?! Ok, I will put you out of your misery (!), it was suppose to be a heart but the chips started to melt in my hands so I sort of gave up in the end! LOL

Now for more donation updates: sold a few more items on eBay and raised a further £12.18 (thanks to Simon, Susan and Richard). This brings us to a new total of £133.18!

Right, need to go to bed now if I want to harass those men (and women) in suits at Canary Wharf tomorrow!