Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A giant leap... out of a plane from us soon!

Wednesday 16th May
Attended Charlton Athletic ground for my first of 6 weeks lesson in relation to the Olympic course… my cute instructor won't be taking any of the course :-(

Anyway, coming up to the end of the course now and have enjoyed each and every lesson – fire safety was the most informative as I am now confident on which fire extinguisher to use in each different type of fire situation, customer relations was fun as the instructor was very charismatic, and the instructor on becoming a volunteer was extremely friendly… I could go on and on!

Sunday 27th
Long weekend and what could be better than a BBQ with friends and family? Well… a BBQ in the summer is what! LOL

Kim drove all the way down from Leicester just for Trees BBQ and even the rain didn’t stop it from happening! Sent Duong out in the rain armed with an umbrella and tongs to grill our sausages and burgers whilst we stayed indoors, in the warmth! Between us, we have had a BBQ nearly in all weather conditions – rain of course, midnight, on the beach, snow… what’s left is probably in a typhoon/hurricane!

Friday 1st June
Went to the hospital to change my cast for my foot that day. I am the type of girl who doesn’t get scared that easily in films or real life (I am at your mercy when faced with slugs/snails/worms though!) but seeing the nurse come at me with an electric saw was pretty frightening! I mean, the cast was only a thin thing, I was afraid she would go too deep and I would see blood gushing out everywhere! She was handling a saw and chatting to me… I know women are suppose to be good at multi-tasking but I would very much preferred she just concentrated at the task in hand – literally! LOL

Anyway, I live to tell the tale and will have to do it again in a few weeks time – the cast I have on now is even thinner… argh!!!

Saturday 2nd
It was Caf’s birthday on the 5th June so I took her out for a pre-birthday treat to the theatre… it was more my treat as I got to see ‘Equus’! For all those out there who have not heard about this play, the hype around the play was Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) appears naked in it for a substantial length... of time!!! Hahaha

I was totally prepared to see young Harry parade around naked, stimulated sex scenes on a horse, what I wasn’t prepared for, was him smoking! The lawyer in me was thinking, that particular scene will need changing when the smoking ban comes in on the 1st July and the layperson in me was sitting there watching the scene open mouthed and trying to work out if he was really ‘smoking’!

Peter Shaffer wrote the play as well as ‘Amadeus’, which I saw a while back in the Wilton’s Music Hall. Both play dwells into the mind of the character’s dark side, a ‘narrator’ talking to the audience – inviting them into their life, thoughts and reasons. I did enjoy both plays but for different reasons, ‘Amadeus’ for the amazing actors being able to transform in front of your very eyes, the music, the story/history of a real artist, Mozart. ‘Equus’ was different, there were so much hype around the play, so I went to see it expecting it was just sensationalism and not much substance – I was pleased that the play was more than the hype. Radcliffe was great, portraying a troubled teenager, I was sitting in the balcony and could see the emotions he was emitting through his expressive features, especially the eyes. The uses of the limited props were well used, the horse masks were beautiful and simplex and the humour was just right to lighten the mood of the play when you least expect it.

Thursday 7th
Went to the award ceremony for the Olympic course to collect my certificate when I haven’t even completed my course! All I have been doing the past few week was work and study so I took the opportunity to get dolled up and meet a local MP as an excuse from sitting at home avoiding ‘Big Brother’ and ‘Eastenders’!

Sunday 10th
It was Lee’s birthday and he turns 23! I gave him 23 beats and one for good luck like all good sisters do for their younger brothers ;-)

Ok, down to business. The parachute jump is going to be this coming Sunday we still need donations, this is me begging… please, please, please give generously to a very worthy cause. You don’t need to give a lot, give what you can and forward our sponsor page to your friends/families – a little goes a long way, which means a lot of ‘littles’ can go even further!