Thursday, August 31, 2006

Updates, updates, updates!

If anyone is interested at all, last Thursday I did manage to avoid getting rained on whilst I was working… it was a completely different story on Tuesday though, I got soaked right through to the bones!

More donation news… my parents’ surrogate son (!), Lihui have generously sponsored me £10 but was too camera shy to appear on the blog. Also the neighbours (Gabriela, Hilda, Deborah, Mr Buckingham and Mrs Range) near my parents’ have in total sponsored £21 and I finally cornered my dad who dug deep in his very fetching shorts (!) and donated £10 too (no photos though)… this gave a total of £41 the last few days. I have also began selling some items on eBay… it has been quite slow and so far have only ‘sold’ one book to a very generous gentleman, Mark who purchased it for his niece for the sum of £16… added to the £41 and the previous £64 we have a new total of £121!!!

Due to the lack of photos lately, I have taken a few pictures of the piggy bank, which I am using for the donations for you to enjoy… LOL

Hopefully some time in September, Shirin and I will pull out all the stops and start some on street tin rattling whilst wearing our lovely BHF t-shirts and plastic money slot thingy!

Oh, I also met up with my World travelling friend, Caf yesterday and she has lovingly got me a booklet on how to throw boomerangs. Another friend of mine had sent me a boomerang all the way from Australia last year, which I experimented with during the summer at Greenwich Park (nearly beheading a good dozen people who foolishly got in my way!) but failed miserably. Caf obviously remembered this and got me the book… Greenwich Park goers beware… Hahaha


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm singing in the rain...

I know it’s a bit late but Monday was ‘Bus Day of Action’, which invited disabled people to use the buses to bring awareness to the general public as well as test out facilities and driver attitudes. You can still check them out on:

Ok, onto excuses on why I am destined not to work!!! Here are the evidences: I was on a training course sort of thing last Friday for the whole day, and from staying indoors for a good 7 hours, as soon as I stepped outside it started to pour down with rain! Forgot to mention I broke the number 12 bus running from Westminster to Oxford Circus during morning rush hour!

Now for Monday, I did not do anything work related, only ran a few errands and the sun was out, the birds were out singing etc

Tuesday, again nothing too strenuous – yes, nothing work related…

Now for today, Wednesday… as soon as I stepped out the car to start some proper work I get rained on! After 2 hours of work and dripping wet I decided to go home for the day… yep, you guessed it, it stopped raining! To comfort myself, I went and got my hair cut instead! LOL

I am determining not to give in so easily – I am going to try again tomorrow, but this time I am going out with my waterproof gear… waterproof mascara in one hand and hairbrush in the other! Hahaha

I’m only joking, I will be decked out in my winter coat, gloves (need to buy one of those microwave heated pads soon), scarf/pashima and at least two layers of clothing. Wish me luck ;-)


Friday, August 18, 2006

sun, sea....Heathrow??!

a relaxing week away in with dear pauly, my other half.. malta so rich in history, culture and food. we had an amazin time there and would advise peeps to visit. have to admit that the maltese lira is stronger than the pound ( £1 = 0.60 cents)..

paul and i done everything we wanted, from bein lazy in the sun, to jumpin around on a bouncy castle on the sea, riding the scrammbler on really choppy salty sea water, eating out, hirin a boat and visitin Gozo and snorkling and swimming with the fishes in the Blue Lagoon, Comino -- the clearest blue waters of the Med, dancin the Macarena in the sea and pauly getting stung by the naughty jelly fish, visiting the Pirate's Cave and seeing dolphins as we flew over the Med!

then the horror story began, we kipped on a couple of benches in Roma Airport for almost 12 Hours until our next flight out to heathrow. It iwas cold, cold and ver cold - daamn air condition! Once we were on the plane to London, relief hit us and off to sleep we went. At heathrow I was questionned by Immigration as to where I was travelling from - was this because of my skin colour, my name or was it because i was sporting a red and white scarf (ya know the ones similar to the arabs). There was obvious prejudice as pauly (tall, blonde blue eyed sex bomb) was not asked a single question!

Was a little frizzled and frazzled by that but the next bit too the bullet. Our luggage was lost - somewhere in Rome! Poor Pauly who moved all his belongings up North (Co Durham) for the summer while he looked for a place in London and at the moment is house sitting for his sister while she is on honeymoon, pauly is left to wear odd pair of socks, one pair of underpants, one t-shirt and shorts - since Tuesday!!!!!!
think i need to start fund raisin for some new clothes for paul!!! (shhhhh, dont tell him that I told you!)

anyway wanted to let you all know that helen and i are doin the sky dive for the BHF on 15/10/2006!!!!!




Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Countdown to the return of 'The Pink Hat'... oh, and it's travelling human, Caf!

Tonight’s blog is dedicated to my dear friend, Caf (and her infamous ‘Pink Hat’) who will arrive back to Good Ol' Blighty from her month long (so missed you) Down Under around 15:30 this coming Friday… hope she has been keeping up with the news about the problems at Heathrow!

Caf: I am sure we will meet up pretty soon – I’ll give you a week to get over your jet lag and develop your photos… have been scanning your blog to see if you managed to upload any photos of your adventures – Jonathan should have given you more lessons!


Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Still Here!

The days are definitely considerably getting colder and wetter… need to go shopping for a winter coat soon – any excuse for shopping ;-)

Ok, first I am counting the days left until ‘Big Brother’ is over for another year – 3 more days to go. I have never been a fan and as the series continue I have found it more irritating.

On the plus side, I am also counting down the days to when 'The X-Factor’ comes back on! Just another 4 days to go – great Saturday night viewing, especially when it’s cold and wet outside.

All this talk about the change of climate, its time for hot custard puddings and out with the ice creams – went out for a Sunday roast dinner with my family (on Sunday!) and for desert I had a giant ice cream sundae to share with Sally, this may very well be my last ice cream treat this year.


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Come on, take the test ;-)

To those who are my closest and dearest, knows that I have the memory like a sieve. Well, tonight I watched the BBC’s ‘How to Improve Your Memory’, hosted by Professor Robert Winston and found out my memory isn’t as bad as I thought… To be truthful, I am quite competitive when it comes to shows like this, so I paid extra attention trying my hardest ;-)

Check out the website to test your own memory, and pick up some tips on how to improve it:


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not so 'Grumpy Old Men'!

Saturday 5th August – Went along to a singles event… the tin said 20-50 year olds but it turned out to be more of an OAP weekly get together instead! Hahaha

Surprisingly, I had a great time – it was definitely an experience (ok, one which I am not considering to repeat again any time soon… hope you noticed, I never said ‘never’)!

Sunday 6th August – What else is better than having a lazy BBQ amongst family on a lazy, warm, dry Sunday afternoon. That’s exactly what I did – word of advice, do not go food shopping when you are hungry! I was left to do the food shopping for 6 people including myself, but ended up buying food enough to feed 60! Ok, that’s an exaggeration, I did however buy enough food to feed a good dozen for sure ;)


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Gullible Relatives! Hehehe

Managed to rope my Uncle, Sung to donate a £1 last night when he dropped round unexpectedly – I don’t think he has any idea what he has actually donated it to though… LOL This brings us to £64!

Today I went to a fruit & veg farm where I tasted the produce before buying them! The pears were too small and had no juices so didn’t pick those, the plums were very sour and not at all crunchy, couldn’t find the strawberries and I only jealousy looked on when a family came by with their load of sweetcorn :(

The ‘roads’ where a nightmare for me, I needed a 4x4 wheelchair, especially when the sky started to threaten us with rain! Luckily the storm held out until we got back into our car.